Production methods

Technologies used

We use the following devices and methods to produce our products.


Technologies used - Cutting


Technologies used - Milling  Technologies used - Milling


Technologies used - Pressing


For the production, we use the following main materials

MDF boards

The thickness of the boards is 18 mm or 30 mm, depending on the milling shapes and semi-product shapes – doors, ledges, platforms, table tops. Other thicknesses are subject to certain requirements and agreement. Boards are laminated on one side only.


Currently, mainly PVC foils are used; it is also possible to use PP foils. The foils are heat resistant up to 180°C, and also water resistant. Their abrasion resistance is low.


Adhesives ensure the adhesion of the foil to the board. Adhesives are water resistant, and hardened by heat. Our adhesives supplier guarantees their heat resistance in the range of 70 - 90° C.