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I need more details on E20 doors (and pull handles). 1) How are the pull handles installed on the door? 2) Is the door height in the order including the pull handle? 3) Does the door have special milling below the pull handle as is the case with E16 type? 4) And the last question: Is it possible to manufacture a door with dimensions different from the E20 width and to select the handle with nearest smaller dimensions?

Hello, here are the answers to your questions:

1) the E20 handle is installed using so called "tree". Subsequently, there is a groove milled into the door and the edge pull is positioned into the groove.
2) yes, the handle thickness is taken into consideration in the order. That means that if you order for example a door with the height of 750 mm, it will be the height of the door including the handle.
3) on the door, there is no special milling below the E20 pull handle. This door type has sufficient room for the grip. The E16 has this additional milling shape exactly to make it easier to grip the handle.
4) E20 handles have fixed dimensions; it is thus not possible to change the lengths. It is also because of the way the handle is fixed to the door (as has already been mentioned above – using a "tree-shaped profile" and groove). For customers who want to select the length themselves, we have included the E16 handle in our product line whose length can be selected according to the customer's wishes.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I have the MATTE ALDER doors in my kitchen. Could you advise me how to maintain them? In direct light I can see (grease?) spots on them and I am at my wits' end how to remove them.

Thank you for your question. Our decors are divided into groups not only according to their appearance, but also according to the structure of their surface – little beads, matte, high gloss foil, etc. Each surface naturally requires different approach to its cleaning. That is why we publish "maintenance instructions" which describe in detail how to maintain individual surfaces with care. You can find them on our web site; they are usually a part of our catalog. All other dealers and everyone who is in contact with us about our products should know about them and be able to advise our clients to choose a suitable door decor.

Where can you find maintenance instructions on our web site?
=> Go to the Service tab on the top of our homepage ( => the first menu item on the left reads "Maintenance instructions".

I also enclose the text at the end of my answer, so that you do not have to look for it.

Caring for products with "matte" surface finish:

The matte look of unicolor and woodgrain decors is achieved by using special varnish additives. Light decors in particular are sensitive to dark liquids and substances. To maintain the surface quality, it is necessary to follow these recommendations.

Cleaning recommendations: Clean dark stains (for example, coffee, mustard, curry or red wine stains) with water and standard (non-abrasive) detergent as soon as possible. Do not let the stains dry; it might not be possible to clean them entirely. You can clean the remnants of stains, particularly grease and sediment, using a warm solution consisting of 70% water and 30% liquid soap and a soft toothbrush or by adding a detergent according to producer instructions or alcohol (ethanol, maximum 10% alcohol content). If necessary, repeat the procedure. To finish, wash the remnants of detergents using warm water and dry the foil using a chamois window wipe. To prevent surface damage, test the detergent effects by applying it in a small quantity to a non-visible place for a short time. It is necessary to follow the producer's instructions.
Note: Do not use colored cleaners (neither diluted nor concentrated), their colors could leave marks on the foil!

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Is it possible to order kitchen doors only milled from MDF boards without any foil cover from your company? Thank you

Yes, we offer this option – milling of MDF boards without successive foil pressing. If you need a price calculation or in case of further questions you can contact our orders department directly – see

Is it possible to use your doors on a tin kitchen set (original panel flat kitchen). The frames are in a good condition, we just feel like a change. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. It should be possible. Our doors can be fastened even to a tin furniture set. However, it depends on the type of hinges you have there. It would be helpful if you could send a photo of your kitchen set including the currently used hinges so that we could actually see them. We would have a look at it, consider possible solutions and let you know as soon as possible whether it would be possible to use our doors.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I like your carved nickel decor and I would like to know whether you also manufacture divider panels for the kitchen unit – between the wall and base cabinets. If you do, I would like to know the dimensions and price of these panels.

Hello, it is indeed possible to manufacture a board covered with this decor which belongs to our Trendy Exclusive product line to be positioned between wall and base cabinets. We do not limit dimensions, so the dimensions depend on the specification of your wishes. We can prepare a price offer for you, however, price offers are calculated for real offers only. You could also contact one of our authorized studios – you can select a studio according to your region on The authorized studio will give you advice on our products, deal with the potential order and prepare the price calculation for you. To put it simply, they will provide you with complex services to achieve your complete satisfaction.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

The copper bronze door in the sample kitchen looks to be high gloss, is it really the case? Does it match the cappuccino white or would you recommend another choice?

Thank you for your question. To answer your first question – the copper bronze decor is not an expressly high gloss foil. It is somewhere between high gloss and matte. I would rather call it sort of a semi-matte.

The second question was about whether the cappuccino decor goes together with the white decor. Naturally, this is an extremely subtle combination, these colors match indeed. Personally, I might consider using ivory instead of white, it is slightly creamier and subtler. However, this is a very subjective sentiment. If you need advice on matching different decors, feel free to contact one of our authorized studios (, they will help you to get oriented in our products and to achieve an overall harmonization of your interior. I would also like to invite you to our showroom in Holešov, which was opened on 1. 10. 2012. Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 - 17:00) you can use the consulting service of our external interior designer. You can find more details on our web site:

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Could you advise me how to make an order?

We are glad that you are interested in our products. Your email address implies that it belongs to a cabinet maker. If it is the case, I would like to refer you to our sales network – to the Authorized dealers section on our web sites (, where the dealers are divided into individual regions. You can easily order and buy our products with them.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to know whether it is possible to patinate the following doors – decors 650 white acacia and 120 white woodgrain. Is it possible to see samples somewhere?

Currently, we offer the patina additional surface finish for dark decors only. However, we have recently started considering adding patinas to light decors too, because they are getting more and more popular. In case of patinating decors 650 acacia or 120 white woodgrain, we have already manufactured patinated samples, because we are seriously considering including them to our product range. You have two options. You can either come to our Showroom in Holešov, where you could see these samples directly, or you could have samples manufactured in the selected decor and have them sent to you. Based on your assessment, a direct manufacturing order could be placed.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Is it possible to cover a board with the dimensions 2600 x 2400 with the high gloss white foil?

We are sorry to inform you that the maximum dimensions we are able to cover with a foil are 1200 x 2500 mm.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Are the foil wrapped doors in high gloss decor also suitable for bathrooms?

Thank you for your question. Yes, our doors are suitable even for bathrooms. There is no problem using them there.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Do you manufacture kitchen doors of atypical dimensions or do you produce only standardized dimensions? I would like to have a door of shape 32, Lyon walnut decor. I would need approximately 15 - 18 doors, including 2 glass doors and 3 drawer doors. If you manufacture only standardized dimensions please let me know their dimensions, price and possible delivery dates.

Since the end of last year we have got rid of the surcharge for atypical dimensions, the dimensions we can manufacture are "practically limitless". You can thus specify any dimensions. Prices and delivery dates depend on the individual order, which we will be happy to prepare for you based on your specifications.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Is it possible to foil-wrap original furniture doors or do you only manufacture new doors? I have an old living room furniture wall which I cannot part with. It might be possible to renovate it.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this kind of service. The reason for it is that the doors tend to be time-worn, they have already been cleaned using different detergents, etc. All this in the course of time has negative consequences on the doors surface. In such cases we could not guarantee that the quality of doors is sufficient as is the case with completely new doors. The quality of our products is our priority.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

How is your warranty?

Our warranty lasts standard 2 years, however, we also offer extended warranty for hidden faults which lasts 5 years. If problems appear after a longer period of time, we are always helpful and willing to negotiate in individual cases where we assess the matter, and based on the assessment agree with the customer on further course of actions.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Could you advise me what tiles and flooring are the best match for your Winchester oak decor. I am rather sure on the kitchen unit design – I like the white kitchen unit shown on your web site, however, I would also like to know your opinion.

Thank you for your question. We will naturally try to help you. However, your question focuses on interior design and its overall harmonization. Unfortunately, I personally cannot help you in this matter. Nevertheless, we can offer you two options to help you solve your problem.
Firstly, we can offer you the service of our external interior designer who works in cooperation with us, is involved in selecting our decor lines, etc. On 1. 10. 2012, we will officially open our new showroom. Two days a week, we will offer services of an interior designer there, who will also deal with similar questions there. If you are willing to wait, you can use this service directly on our premises.
Secondly, you can visit our web site and go to the Authorized studios section ( You can find there our studios network divided into regions. These studios are focused on our end customers and they are the place you could find the help you need. They will advise you how to harmonize your interior, what colors to select to match individual decors. These studios work with our products and there are assistants engaged in design who will be able to offer you full service.

I hope you will choose one of the offered options. If you needed any other support, fell free to contact me. Together we will surely find a solution for you.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I am writing to find out the price difference of kitchen cabinet doors with a standard white back side and of back sides in another decor from your offer. Will the price be the same?

Thank you for your question. Currently, we have 18 back side types on offer. There are both traditional woodgrain decors and unicolors such as white, vanilla, gray or aluminium ( The choice is quite wide.

The total price does not change; we do not have any surcharges for back sides. It therefore does not matter whether the back side will be in standard white or in another decor on offer; the total price stays the same.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

We have your doors in the decor 46 calvados. Furthermore, we need a platform over the kitchen unit and bar. What are the dimensions (lengths) in which the platforms are manufactured?

It is no problem to manufacture a platform in the calvados decor. The maximum dimensions are limited by production machines, in this case by the presser potential. The maximum dimensions of pressed panels are 1200 x 2500 mm, so that the maximum platform length is 2500 mm. The default platform thickness is 30 mm.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I like your doors very much. I have had a cabinet made which will be placed under the double sink and I would like to put your doors there. I would like to know more about the door design – is it better to visit a dealer or can I just send you a photograph with dimensions and the selected door type? How much would the design cost?

Thank you for your question, we are happy that you have chosen our doors. It would be easiest for you if you could visit an authorized dealer. You can find contacts on our web site in the section Sales network: ( The dealer will provide everything that will be necessary, including the price calculation for your order. Do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions or problems. I will be glad to help you.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I have a question. I have heard about your company and I would like to know where I can order a partial renovation of kitchen doors.

We are happy that you have heard about our company and that you have decided to use our products for the renovation of your kitchen doors. Visit our web pages => Sales network tab (, where you can find the list of our authorized dealers and studios which are focused on end customers. Both dealers and studios work with our products, and know them in detail. They will be able to give you advice, and to provide you with the price calculation or other details.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Hello, would it be possible to order 5 horses (separate), height 20-50 cm? If it was possible, how much would it cost?

Your question implies that you are interested in the Overface technology. You write that you would need 5 horses in given dimensions, which is no problem from the graphical point of view. However, the price calculation is trickier, because it is necessary to specify, what the horses will be applied on (what kind of doors you will use. For the application of a graphical design we usually offer MDF foil wrapped board or a white LTD board). Other important details we need to know are the door dimensions and mainly the decor you want to use. You can find an overview of decors on our web We will gladly prepare a price calculation for you, however, there has to be a specific order. It would be best for you to take a look at our sales network where you can find the list of our authorized dealers and studios (see who work with our products. We recommend that end users use our network of authorized studios who provide full service – they support you with selecting a suitable decor or a graphical design all the way to calculating the final price, etc.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

What experience do you have with combining your own standard decors and decors by the Egger company? I have laminate floating floor in the oak decor in the kitchen (the shade is similar to your 570 calvados decor) and the visible side of cabinet frames will have approximately the same size as the doors. Therefore I have to select a very similar decor (it is impossible to select completely the same decor). The kitchen unit is in a rustic style, so I want a wood decor. I am deciding between the doors 650 acacia and cabinet frames H1277 Lakeland acacia cinnamon or H1348 Champagne Cremona Oak. Which combination do you find more similar?

The samplers of these companies are naturally available at our company.
If we were to compare our 650 acacia decor with the decors H1277 Lakeland acacia cinnamon or H1348 Champagne Cremona Oak, our acacia is closer to the H1348 decor (Champagne Cremona Oak). However, the decors are certainly not the same. Our acacia is slightly lighter (it has a lighter cream touch). The Egger decor is slightly yellower. The best solution would be for you to compare the decors yourself. It would be most suitable if you could take the Egger sampler from your implementer and our sampler and see for yourself.
It is a subjective matter, however, in our opinion, the H1348 Egger decor is more suitable.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

In my bathroom, I have a cabinet door 80 x 40 cm. I would like to apply two orchid designs on them. Please send me the price calculation. The dimensions are 800 x 400 mm (2 doors). What about the implementation?

It is naturally no problem to manufacture a door in the specified dimensions. You just have to select a suitable foil decor and the graphical design you want to apply on the door. We can naturally prepare a price calculation for you, but it would be better if you could visit our web site – Sales network section: (, where you can find a list of our authorized dealers and studios divided into regions. They will directly give you advice on our products there, prepare a price calculation for you and provide the comprehensive service for you. You would then just contact our graphical designer to arrange the design position, color, size, etc.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to ask whether you patinate only dark shades as stated in the corresponding web section or whether it is possible to patinate lighter colors, too.

On our web site in the Door foils section – patina ( we provide a list of decors which are most suitable for the patina finish (we "recommend" suitable shapes and decors, based on our long-standing experience). Not every decor looks good when patinated, we have already tried it out. It is true that currently we have been discussing expanding our offer of decors suitable for the patina finish with lighter decors, for example vanilla, white woodgrain, etc. However, these decors currently are not on offer for patination. Our customers sometimes have the patina finish applied on a decor we do not recommend and, later on, they are surprised unpleasantly and we have a problem which none of us wants. Please write us which decor you would like to use and we can find an individual solution.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to ask what the delivery time for kitchen foil doors is.

The standard delivery time for our kitchen doors is approximately 5-10 business days. We are able to manufacture the door in 3 days, the rest depends on the transport and the location of our dealers and studios where the product is being sent.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to ask about your production program – I have your doors, type 33 covered in the 570 Calvados foil (installed in 2008). Do you still manufacture these doors, mainly the foil? We need a panel for a built-in dishwasher. Our kitchen was supplied by a manufacturer near Český Brod (Kuchyně u Kina Company). Thank you, Jirát

Re milling shape – we currently offer doors made of a 18 mm thick MDF board. Shape 33 is not on offer, because it is a 16 mm thick MDF board which we do not offer any more. We only have shape 33B which is the same as shape 33, only the board is 18 mm thick. However, there are a few remaining meters, so in your case, it should not be a problem to manufacture an additional door for you.
The decor 570 calvados is still available and so it is possible to order the panel with us. Visit your original supplier or go to the Sales network section on our website (, where you can find our dealers and studios which will provide the complete service to you.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to know whether your company does partial kitchen renovations (we would like to keep a part of our kitchen, change the cabinet doors and we will have to have a few cabinets or a bar made). We will have to move the renovated kitchen into a new space where there will be some brickwork done, work with plasterboard, a built-in cupboard will be made and the door jambs might be modified. Would you be able to provide a complex service? Would you be able to tell us the total price of the reconstruction? (based on the corresponding documentation, etc.).

Our company specializes in manufacturing facing panels of furniture doors. Together with these basic products, we offer accessories – pull handles, aluminium profiles, heat shield, etc. We have a wide network of authorized dealers and studios through all of the Czech Republic. They work together with us, buy our products for further use – for example for flat and house renovations, ... Interior renovations are not directly in the scope of our business.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I like the Overface technolgy. Would it be possible to apply an Overface design on this wardrobe ( Are such doors suitable for the application of Overface designs? How is it done?

Firstly, the answer to your first question. Unfortunately, the Overface technology cannot be applied on materials like an "Ikea wardrobe". Our standard offer includes the production of milled doors from MDF boards covered in a PVC foil. Within this technology, we also offer the option of using a white laminate LTD board on which we can apply an Overface design. If clients want to apply Overface on a specific material, they have to send us a sample of it which we have to test to find out whether it is suitable for the application of this technology or not. We thus cannot apply an Overface design on your Ikea wardrobe. This is a precaution for us to maintain the high quality of our products which is extremely important to us.
The second part of your question pertains to the Overface technology itself. It is an "application of a graphical design" on facing panels or furniture doors. The graphical designs can naturally be applied on other surface materials, face panels, etc. You can use graphical designs from our database or you can use your own designs (even photographs can be applied). Your imagination is the only limit. Designs can be reduced, extended, recolored, retorted... they can be changed in any way which comes to mind. The only important thing is to select a suitable decor and door shape (for Overface, the most suitable are smooth flat surfaces). Then you only fine-tune the positioning of the design on the furniture so that it perfectly fits into your interior.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I have found out that you offer heat shields to protect doors next to heat generating appliances. I have not found more details (e. g. what it looks like) on your web pages. Could you send me a link or provide more information?

It is a new item in our complementary products offer, so it took some time for us to prepare a document on the heat shield which has already been published on our web site.
You can find more details with the following link:

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I would like to ask how high the cabinet molding is?

Hello, the molding is 30 mm high.

Lucka Slováková, marketing specialist

Can I order a whole kitchen unit with you?

Not directly with us, we manufacture only what we can do best – cabinet doors. However, we have set up a network of co-worker furniture studios who will assist you from the design to the assembly of your kitchen. They will help you solve everything in one place and moreover, close to your home.
You can find a list of authorized studios on our web in the Sales network section.

Martin Dusík, sales department manager

I have a 12-year-old kitchen unit, I am quite content with it, but I would like a change. Can you give me some advice?

This is the grist to our mill. You can just change the cabinet doors for a few thousand crowns and your kitchen will be as good as new! You could manage this project on your own, with a professional cabinet maker or joiner it is a piece of cake. We guarantee that the most difficult part will be selecting a shape and decor to your liking … :-)

Prices in the price list apply to 1 m2; on average, we can manufacture 5 doors from this piece of material. If the price is for example 1500 CZK/m2 + VAT, the average price of one door is CZK 300 + VAT, which is CZK 360 including VAT.

Jarda Šindelek,Trachea sales representative

All interiors on your web site look great, are they really your implementations?

The pictures in our web galleries are not photographs even if they look like them. They are computer visualizations which are supposed to show individual milling shapes and foil decors. We have no way to find out where our products went, because we usually do not sell them to end customers. However, we work together with many designers, that is why our visualizations have such an authentic feel. At any time, you can see the real implementations in our Holešov showroom or at trade fairs and exhibitions that we take part in.

Jiří Slovák, Trachea commercial manager

Where can I see your products "in natura", and touch them?

Our products are Trachea furniture doors. Authorized studios and authorized dealers have our door samplers in presentation stands that is where you can have a look at them and touch them. You can also find all printed materials and up-to-date information on news, actions, etc. there.
The other option is to visit our showroom in Holešov, where you can see a few furniture sets (that is not only kitchen units) presenting usually the newest foil decors and other current news items (textured milling, metal pull handles or Overface prints).

Petr Frýbort, Trachea sales representative

We are thinking about a new kitchen, however, I have to say that browsing a web site is not our cup of tea. Do you also have a printed catalog?

Every year we publish a catalog of our products and we will be glad to send it to you free of charge. The catalog contains an overview of all milling shapes and foil decors divided into groups (Standard, Trendy, Trendy High Gloss, Trendy Matte and Trendy Exclusive).

If you wanted, we could also email you our occasional electronic publication "Za dvířky" (Behind the doors). We publish it a few times a year and apart from the news in our product line we are trying to cover furniture and design with an outlook from the top of things …

Lucka Slováková, marketing specialist

In the Internet door list you state that doors can also be in the "Trachea Natur Concept" design. Could you explain what it means?

You are right. We are preparing a special tab on this option; however the information should be available on the web site right now. We will set it right as soon as possible. Trachea Natur Concept doors are made of materials where the formaldehyde level is decreased considerably. The level is similar to the level present in natural wood. This material is suitable for manufacturing absolutely safe furniture, particularly furniture for children. Apart from it, this material has better construction properties; however, this piece of information is relevant rather for furniture manufacturers than for users.

Martin Dusík, sales department manager

Many of the "back sides" of your doors on the list are similar to "front sides". Does it mean that some foils are applied on both sides or that I can select back sides as I choose?

The answer will be a little complicated. It is based on the door construction. Whereas the face side of doors is formed by a glued and pressed foil, the back side is not covered with a foil. We buy the construction board with the respective back side. It is printed on a paper layer and laminated. We offer approximately twenty back sides and in most cases you are free to choose at your will.
However, some foil types can be used only with a particular board and in these cases (there are not many of them), the back side's selection is narrowed down.
Some back sides look on purpose similar to foil decors; we want to draw your attention to the option of having the door look "the same" from both sides. Nevertheless, you do not have to select the 1381 Winchester Oak back side for your 211 Winchester Oak foil. You might select white, vanilla, or aluminium back side... the choice is yours.

Jiří Slovák, Trachea commercial manager

What is the difference between "VARNISH" and "TRENDY HIGH GLOSS" foils?

Thank you for the question, there is a difference indeed. Trendy high gloss foils are glossy already in production. They are pressed on doors including the protection film which you need to remove after the installation. (We have had a case where the customer found this out only after a few years of using his kitchen :-) ).
Varnish is an additional surface finish. Finished pressed doors are varnished with a high gloss varnish. We do not apply this finish to all foils, but only to about two dozen of them. Some foils have a subtle surface micro-structure which is not suitable for varnishing.

Martin Dusík, sales department manager

I like your web site. I have found all details necessary (and structured in a logical way!) and plenty of inspiration for my own home there. However, I would like to ask: don't you feel you might be helping your competitors?

We are trying to do our best when creating our web site. It is clear that it cannot be to the liking of every visitor.
We are more than pleased to hear your praise.
Regarding competition – you are right. In over fifteen years on the market we are used to the fact, that there has to be someone who launches initiative, provides the direction and clears the way. Sometimes, it is demanding, however, we are proud to be ahead, even if we know that there will be others profiting from our ideas and success. We do it for our customers and, for their sake, it will always be worth it…

Lucka Slováková, marketing specialist

Your kitchens are beautiful, however, affordable only for the richest ten thousand!

I will dare to contradict you. The problem is that we cannot state our price per piece, because each of our doors is an original with individual dimensions. The only scale is the price per 1 m2 which is misleading.
It is necessary to be aware that, on average, 1 m2 is enough material for producing 5 doors. In the first (most extensive) foil group this makes CZK 300 without VAT for one door. In other words: a 2.5 meter long kitchen unit has the surface area of wall and base cabinets of approximately 4 m2, so that their total price will be CZK 6,000 + VAT. If you have no built-in appliances, the price will be even lower…
Our doors are not expensive even though they are custom-made, we manufacture them in the Czech Republic and they are of superior quality in their category.

Jiří Slovák, Trachea commercial manager

Hello, I am unfortunately not interested in door renovations, however, I would need a piece of the Matte Baltimore Walnut foil (ca. 190x60cm). Is it possible to buy it with you or is it out of the question? How much would such foil cost?

It is possible to buy this foil sample with us. The Baltimore Walnut price is CZK 270 per m2 + VAT.
We might have to fine-tune the dimensions of the required piece because of the foil winding, but it depends on the mutual agreement and it should not be a problem.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

Hello, is it possible to use the E14 pull handle on cabinets with glass? Some embedded handles are not suitable for wall cabinets with glass.

Yes, it would be possible, but you would have to use a "Trachea" frame with glass. In such case it would be possible to use this type of handle for your wall cabinets. The frame could be for example the milling shape 33B, I2 (smooth shapes).

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

We will have a kitchen unit in high gloss decors – cappuccino and ivory combination. I am considering putting a board in high gloss ivory decor with an Overface design on the wall between the cabinets. Do you produce such boards? If it is the case, what are the approximate prices? Required dimensions: 1. side – 180 x 50 cm, an opening for a 4 plug socket on the right 2. side – 200 x 17 cm, an opening for a 2 plug socket on the right, an opening for a 3 plug socket on the left.

It is no problem to manufacture a classic MDF board in the ivory design, in combination with the Overface print, it is a great choice. As it is a board intended to be installed between the wall and base cabinets and it is in the high gloss design, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there might be a "heat" issue in the vicinity of your oven. If the board was supposed to reach behind the oven where the temperatures are high, the decorative foil might be damaged by the heat. In such a case, I would not recommend using the board behind the oven. It is also important to be aware of the fact that maintaining high gloss foils is more demanding. I think I do not need to emphasize that the cooker might be a problem – the board might be stained while cooking or frying, etc. It would also affect the board.
We supply only the face surfaces, so the openings would have to be sorted out by your cabinet maker. The price would be the MDF board price plus the Overface graphical design application charge. The best solution would be for you to select and contact a cabinet maker or your kitchen implementation studio. They would contact our nearest dealer and order our products, prepare a price calculation for you, and you would just fine-tune the positioning of the graphical design, its color, size, etc. with our graphical designer.
You can find our sales network on our web site at

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing


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