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OVERFACE: Terms and Conditions

Overface® is a trademark of decorative prints belonging to the Trachea Company.


1.1 Materials, decors, and milling shapes suitable for the application of Overface graphical designs.

Trachea furniture doors with Overface can be manufactured from the following materials::

  • MDF boards with PVC or PET foils,
  • laminated boards (LTD) including 1 mm or 2 mm ABS edge bands .
    By default we use white LTD boards by the Kronospan Company (decor 500, PE surface).

For the application of Overface decorative prints, the following milling shapes and foil decors can be used:

  • suitable shapes are 33B, I2, E1N, E5N, E6N, E/I12, E/I13, E/I14, E/I18, E20, E21,
  • the selection of suitable foils is much wider and, thanks to technological development, it is continuously growing ( see Attachment 1 ).

1.2 Price terms for prints

The price of a Trachea – Overface product consists of the following items:

  • the product (Trachea furniture door) price,
  • the Overface decorative print price,
  • the price for graphical services related to the preparation of print data for production.

Every order is completely unique and requires a different level of care; thus it is not possible to draft a standard itemized price list.

If you are interested in Trachea Overface products, send your requirements to the following e-mail address: obchod@trachea.cz

We will be happy to prepare an individual customized price quote for you.

1.3 Intellectual Property

Trachea product-line designs are subject to copyright protection and cannot be freely distributed. In case of designs supplied to be processed, it is the customer who is responsible for their usage.

1.4 Print Surface

The largest surface for a single piece which can be printed upon is 1 600 x 3 200 mm. The total area for a furniture set consisting of multiple pieces is virtually unlimited.

Print surface means the area of the whole component part (furniture door), not only the area covered by the print design.

1.5 Application of Graphical Designs

For the application of designs, we require a drawing of the future furniture set, including a sketched positioning of the selected design ( see Attachment 2 ). Based on the drawing, we will process the graphical design which will be sent for approval to the person responsible (see section 1.7).

1.6 Solution Versions

For most Overface gallery designs, it is possible to change various parameters. Designs can be used as a whole, or you can choose to apply certain elements. You can also change the colors and positioning of the design on the furniture set. If you want to use your own design, carefully read the "Technical Details" section ( See Attachment 3 ). If you need any advice, feel free to contact our graphical studio at any time.

Provided that the studio has all the necessary materials, we will send you the first draft of your design positioning within three business days. The first positioning draft of your design on the furniture set is free of charge. All other future alterations will be charged according to the time taken for their implementation. Try to specify required changes so that they can be implemented as simply and as quickly as possible.

1.7 Overface Order

To order the production of Trachea – Overface products, please use the Trachea standard ordering form and add a drawing of the required furniture set with its dimensions, foil decors and the precise positioning of the design (preferably with basic dimensioning). In the case of woodgrain decor foils, please mark the direction of annual rings in the drawing.

The order must also contain:

  • design specification (ordering number in the Trachea product line or your own electronic material),
  • positioning of the design in the furniture set (see section 1.5),
  • specification of the base material (pressed products of Trachea or LTD Trachea product lines),
  • details for the approval of the print: name, e-mail and phone number of the person responsible for approval.

The final appearance of the print must be explicitly confirmed in writing (via e-mail), otherwise the order shall not be put into production!

Send your order to the e-mail address objednavky@trachea.cz

Upon the approval of the order, the standard production time is 14 days.

We dispatch the finished order 2 days after it is produced at the earliest, because of hardening of the color which is prone to mechanical damage during the first two days. If customers persist on picking the order up earlier, the Trachea Company does not take any responsibility for possible mechanical damage during the transport.

(You can find other recommendations in the Caring for Overface print products on the www.trachea.cz website in the Service section.)

1.8 Recommendation for Larger Panels

When ordering an Overface print application for pressed foils panels (or LTD panels) with a height over 1200 mm, we recommend using fittings that prevent the door from warping. By default, we offer straightening fittings by the Häfele Company, which we can provide, including the assembly ( see Attachment 4 ).

1.9 Contact Details

Phone: +420 573 502 111
E-mail: objednavky@trachea.cz



Attachment 1: List of foils suitable for the Overface decorative print application

Attachment 2: Drawing of a furniture set and positioning of the graphical design

Attachment 3: Technical details

Attachment 4: PLANOFIT


Terms and Conditions to download (PDF)