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I would like to refurbish my bathroom. Is it possible to use an Overface design?

Thank you for your question. Our furniture doors can be used anywhere in your interior, even in bathrooms. The same is true with the Overface technology. If you want to get inspired, you can visit our web site – Overface tab, Gallery section http://www.trachea.cz/en/overface/gallery, where you can find several bathrooms with the Overface design application.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

If I decide to order Overface design 3011, can I determine the color combination of the selected design? Or is it possible only in the shades shown on your web site (blue-black combination). I would prefer the combination of green and black. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. The design preview and accompanying visualizations on our web site are only illustrative. The Overface technology specifics are that you can do anything you like with the design. You can change colors (approximately 90% designs are suitable for changing colors according to the customer wishes), make it smaller, larger, you can also select only individual parts of the design and combine them into a design of your own. Your imagination is the only limit. The answer to your question is a definite yes. In the case of design 3011 Orbital, you can determine the color combination yourself. If your interest persisted and you made an order, you would consult these details directly with our graphical designer.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

We are having custom-made laminate wardrobes made. I like your Overface design prints (4002 leaves), is it possible to supply our doors and have the print applied on them or could you manufacture the doors?

Firstly, I would like to ask what decor the wardrobe will be. What laminate color do you plan?
We are currently working on enhancing the offer of materials which can be used for the application of graphical designs. We are primarily manufacturers of foil doors that is why we are first testing this technology on MDF boards covered with a PVC foil. We can also apply designs on white LTD boards which is in our standard offer, too. If the wardrobe was thus made of white laminate with a graphical design, we can manufacture the face boards and apply the selected design directly on them. If you wanted a laminate board in another color, we would have to test the selected material first, in order to guarantee the quality and durability of the applied print.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I have a question. Together with my husband, we are selecting a kitchen. We would like a kitchen with the Overface graphical theme "Corolla" from your selection. I would like to ask what the approximate price of doors with the applied flowers is.

We are glad that you like this beautiful kitchen. Now to the price offer. We can naturally prepare a price calculation for you, however, there has to be a specific order. We need to know more details, for example the number of doors, the decor and dimensions, where and on how many doors you would like to have the design applied, etc. I would recommend you to visit our web site, Sales network section (http://www.trachea.cz/en/sales-network/authorized-studios-Trachea), where you can find the map of our authorized studios and dealers. It is divided into regions, so that you can choose according to the location of your residence. We recommend that our end customers contact the network of our studios, who work with our products and are able to provide full service for you – from the selection of standard decors to the communication about the selected design application with our graphical designer (naturally including the price calculation).

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

I am not sure whether I have understood correctly the possibilities of the Overface method. Is it possible to apply a new design on a whole furniture wall which is 30 years old and in a stained cherry decor? The wall size is still convenient, however, there are scratches on some places and the color has faded.

You have understood correctly the way our technology works. It is an application of graphical designs on furniture doors. However, we do not apply designs on old, or as in your case, very old, time-worn furniture. Common maintenance with standard detergents, scratches, color changes, etc. ... all these have negative effects to the surface of doors. We would not be able to guarantee the same quality level as we usually do for our products. This is the reason why this technology is used for application on brand new materials/doors only.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing

A customer has ordered a kitchen island. The back side will be curved, I want to use a cut MDF board there. Can you apply a print on this kind of MDF? I will bend it then to the template and glue it on. Please let me know whether you can do this.

We have discussed your question both from the technical point of view and with our graphical studio.
We would need to know certain technical parameters concerning the curve of the kitchen island: dimensions and radius of the arch, whether the outer side with the potential print would be outer - concave side of the arch or the inner – convex side of the arch.

We think that the best solution might be to apply the theme on 3mm HDF (or on 3mm PVC). The subsequent steps would be to attach the HDF on the arch and to apply edge banding. We do not know yet what design you would like to use and whether it would be a full surface application or only a partial one. We can easily apply designs on HDF and PVC, we have bent HDF and PVC to the radius of 50 cm – R50. The designs applied did not show signs of damage as a result of bending.

Jiří Slovák, sales representative

The theme number 5003 Fitness has caught our attention, not because of the well-stacked lady, rather as the circle (target) composition. Is the shown way the only one it can be applied? And a question about colors: we would like a combination of brown - ocher - light green (company colors). Would it be possible?

Your question covers the substance of many other questions, and thus I will be happy to answer it. Most designs in our gallery consist of more elements. Naturally, you can arbitrarily change them – make them larger, smaller, group them, rearrange them, change their colors...
If the changes were to be done by our studio, it would be necessary to state your requirements as unambiguously as possible, for example, in a simple sketch. The universally valid statement that time is money is true in this case, too, and by saving the time, we will save money, too.

Lucie Slováková, marketing

I have dedicated over 40 years to furniture design. Today, I am a pensioner, but I still try to keep pace with the development in my profession. Your OVERFACE gives designers (and mainly your customers) really extraordinary options. Congratulations and I keep my fingers crossed for you.

I do not know what to say. Thank you for the recognition; coming from a professional it pleases us doubly. We prepared this project for two years, it cost us much effort and money, but now we know that it was the right thing to do.
With little exaggeration we can say that today we really can "make the dreams of our customers come true" and it is a great feeling!

Jiří Slovák, commercial manager

It is very interesting and nice, however, I have a rather practical (earthbound) question: "How do you maintain such doors"?

The care for doors with Overface prints is not more complicated than in case of "standard" doors. You can find the details on our web pages, but it is really very easy. The substantial fact is that Overface is not a sticker or anything near it, but real print. The print is fixated and it behaves like a foil on which it is applied so for the maintenance, warm water and soap solution will do…

Lucie Slováková, marketing

I like your OVERFACE surface finish, however, I will have a dig at you – I have already seen some of your designs somewhere else. I do not think this is right at all…

Do not worry, it is all right. In our gallery there are several dozen designs (and every week, new designs are added).
They are partly prepared by our graphical studio, partly processed by an advertising agency and we have bought some of them from a prominent world database. The substantial thing is that we have properly paid for all designs and their usage is completely legal. We stick to the principle that an idea is also a product and we would not dare to act otherwise.

Martin Dusík, sales department manager

I am a director of a hotel in High Tatra mountains. We are preparing a vast reconstruction which is based on individualization of all accommodation capacities. Your technology is exactly the thing we need. Do you also work in the Slovak Republic?

Our business partners network extends to the Slovak Republic, too. We are glad about your interest, because the Overface print in public spaces provides an immense space for creative use.
We will be happy to process your specifications, we are also able to offer you complex services of our studio and participate in the order from the design stage.

Jiří Slovák, sales representative

We are preparing the reconstruction of a children's (student) room, we have agreed on the "matte cherry" design which we find timeless. Now we are considering combining it partially with white doors with the Overface design "Cherry blossom". Would it be possible?

The combination of woodgrain decor and Overface print tends to be very elegant, you have made a great choice indeed. If you want a better idea of what effect selected designs in combination with different foil decors have, visit our site at www.overface.cz. Directly on the home page, you will find an online designer for applying prints on model furniture sets. It is intuitive and easy to work with, and it will provide you with a basic idea. And moreover, it is great fun :-).

Petr Frýbort, sales representative

I am considering the Overface prints for the furniture in my office. Since childhood, I have loved comics, mainly in the classic black and white version. Would it be possible to arrange?

Certainly, yes. Converting a design from our gallery into black and white one is a matter of a few minutes. We could also print your own design if you send it to us in a suitable format and sufficient resolution. You can find out details on the options for individual prints and required technical parameters on the www.overface.cz web pages in section "Ceník" (Price list).

Jarda Šindelek, sales representative

My girlfriend, an artist, has designed stickers for furniture in the children's room and also for our unconventional kitchen unit. Would it be possible to print these pictures directly on the doors? If so, would you print it on existing doors or would it be necessary to buy new doors?

We can surely use your own data, however, they have to fulfill certain technical parameters. All these details are well arranged on our web pages, in the Overface section, on the "Price list and terms and conditions" page (or on specialized web pages www.overface.cz). Individual details will be answered by our graphical studio.
Ad doors: we apply the print only on our own products, because it is the only way to guarantee the necessary quality and to be responsible for it.

Adam Bartošek, sales representative

We will have a kitchen unit in high gloss decors – cappuccino and ivory combination. I am considering putting a board in high gloss ivory decor with an Overface design on the wall between the cabinets. Do you produce such boards? If it is the case, what are the approximate prices? Required dimensions: 1. side – 180 x 50 cm, an opening for a 4 plug socket on the right 2. side – 200 x 17 cm, an opening for a 2 plug socket on the right, an opening for a 3 plug socket on the left.

It is no problem to manufacture an MDF board in the ivory design, in combination with the Overface print, it is a great choice. As it is a board intended to be installed between the wall and base cabinets and it is in the high gloss design, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there might be a "heat" issue in the vicinity of your oven. If the board was supposed to reach behind the oven where the temperatures are high, the decorative foil might be damaged by the heat. In such a case, I would not recommend using the board behind the oven. It is also important to be aware of the fact, that the maintenance of high gloss foils is more demanding. However, I think I do not need to emphasize it (mainly around the oven, where the cooking is done). We supply face surfaces, and thus we do not usually cut openings.
The price is calculated as follows - it is the price of an MDF board with a foil plus the price for the graphical design application.

Lucie Slováková, sales department / marketing


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