covered products EXTRA & DELUXE

 Premium Series EXTRA & DELUXE includes design products designed for the most demanding customers.

The VETRIXX door acts as if its surface was made of glass. And no wonder. It is a high strength acrylic mixed with glass dust on the MDF board. The surface layer, unlike the actual glass, is unbreakable and can be milled into it. Quality acrylic edges are glued with polyurethane adhesive. VETRIXX comes in glossy and matt finish.

At the SOFTIXX door, it is structurally DTD boards with high-pressure laminate (HPL) on both sides with a layer of resilient resins of the new generation, processed with the help of nanotechnology. This gives them extraordinary resistance against mechanical and thermal effects. Even here the edges are glued with PUR adhesive. The high-matte surface is pleasant to touch, resistant to fingerprinting and especially extremely resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, due to the use of nanotechnology, it can be repaired.